1. Commercial Jingles

  2. History Vol. 2: A Queer/Femme Tribute to 1960's Girl Groups
    Various Artists

  3. Songs Drunk & Horny Taught Us.
    Various Artists

  4. Merry Go Round: A live Tribute to Wild Man Fischer
    Hi My Name Is Ryan

  5. Split
    Sweat Lodge // Shawnte Orion

  6. Fatty Cakes And The Puff Pastries
    Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries

  7. Season 2

  8. Burn It Down
    Various Artists

  9. Neolithic Homosex b/w No More Boys

  10. Another Mostly Underground SKA Mixtape
    Various Artists

  11. Season 1

  12. Extinction Stinks
    Dinosaur Love

  13. Andy
    Jay Shingle

  14. Are You Fed Up?

  15. Ska Mix For Q
    Various Artists

  16. Outcast Moonstomp
    The Terris

  17. Comp For A Cause
    Various Artists

  18. Grammy Nominated
    Treasure MammaL

  19. Don't Touch Me, I'm Too Slimy!
    The Slugs

  20. I Feel Like Crying
    Hi My Name Is Ryan

  21. You Can Never Have It All
    Fathers Day

  22. Over My Head
    Various Artists

  23. Split
    Jaime J. Soto // The Doyenne

  24. No Singles: A 20 year Anniversary tribute to The Aquabats vs. The Floating Eye of Death
    Various Artists

  25. Powder, and All That Store-Bought Hair
    Mooey Moobau

  26. Hope's Stable

  27. Live at the Human Behavior House 07/01/2018
    Mooey Moobau // Hi My Name Is Ryan

  28. History Vol. 1 - 1970s UK Tribute Compilation
    Various Artists

  29. Dinosaurs Have Feelings Too
    Dinosaur Love

  30. Reconciliation
    Taurus Daddies

  31. Pray For Rain
    Turqouiz Noiz

  32. Hi My Name Is Ryan: The Movie: The Soundtrack
    Various Artists

  33. Honestly
    Hi My Name Is Ryan

  34. Old
    Mia Loucks

  35. Want Me! b/w Now You Say We're Through
    The Freaks of Nature

  36. Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings
    Mary Ocher

  37. Recherché
    Various Artists

  38. Under The Covers with Ryan & Andrew
    Drunk and Horny

  39. SELF: a compilation of music that is self aware and self absorbed.
    Various Artists

  40. The Gospel
    Dinosaur Love

  41. Sweat Lodge
    Turqouiz Noiz

  42. Kedumim
    Human Behavior

  43. Writin' Songs
    The Funny Uncles

  44. The Pooches
    The Pooches

  45. Goodbye 1506
    Fathers Day

  46. Where's The White Shadow?
    Various Artists

  47. Pen15 Club
    Mooseknuckle Sandwich

  48. Banter - Volume 2
    Various Artists

  49. Beautiful Man
    James Kochalka Superstar

  50. Famey
    James Kochalka

  51. Unlimited Semiosis Volume 1
    Various Artists

  52. I Will Cut You With My EBT Card
    Treasure MammaL

  53. Part One

  54. Sister Honey Demos
    Mia Loucks

  55. Everybody's Looking At Their Phone
    Various Artists

  56. Split
    Human Behavior // Basement

  57. Songs For Savages
    The Freaks of Nature

  58. THAT'S IT!
    Fathers Day

  59. Dick
    Various Artists

  60. "​.​.​.​it's Called a Separation": 10 Years of Fathers Day.
    Various Artists

  61. Must Be Funny
    Space Alien Donald

  62. Songs In The Key Of Stink
    Drunk and Horny

  63. Split
    Yairms // AlhhlA

  64. Cadet Beach Party!
    The Aquabats

  65. Live Through THIS!: A 20 Year Anniversary Tribute To Hole's Best Album
    Various Artists

  66. Banter - Volume 1
    Various Artists

  67. Death And Taco Bell
    Mr. Atomm's Bombs

  68. Fight The Moon with Ryan & Andrew
    Drunk and Horny

  69. Eden
    Mary Ocher

  70. Can You Count The Brunettes?
    Serene Dominic: The Holiday Slides Project

  71. Winter Trance Party
    Serene Dominic

  72. Dinosaurs Attack!
    Dinosaur Love

  73. 2013
    Sweat Lodge

  74. Fuck Being (Positive): A Tribute To Charles Bronson
    Various Artists

  75. 10 Years of Cumming Full Circle
    Treasure MammaL

  76. Life
    Fathers Day

  77. Let's (House) Party.
    Various Artists

  78. America's Dad
    Various Artists

  79. A Drunk & Horny Pool Party with Ryan & Andrew
    Drunk and Horny

  80. The Henson Stitch
    Various Artists

  81. I'll Tell You When You've Had Enough
    Fathers Day

  82. A Drunk & Horny Evening...
    Drunk and Horny

  83. The First & The Last
    Bald And Pissed

  84. The Best Friends
    The Best Friends

  85. The Boys (03/2009 - 11/2010)
    Hi My Name Is Ryan

  86. Dad Deserves The Breast
    Fathers Day

  87. More Songs for Porches...
    Golden Arrow Holy Face

  88. I Forget

    Fathers Day

  90. Twilight
    The Cullens

  91. Burrito X Core

  92. Let's Get Gentle

  93. F-
    Great Job!

  94. An Album For Iggy!
    Various Artists

  95. Split
    Hi My Name Is Ryan // The Real Me

  96. I Gotta Look My Best EP / 2009 Tour CD
    Fathers Day

  97. Snapped
    Splinter Cake

  98. The Sex Show
    Hi My Name Is Ryan

  99. The Wait Is Over
    Ray Reeves

  100. Plays The Screams of Drowning Ants, Bites of The Box-Packed Dogs
    The Domestication of Animals

  101. Avenue
    Asleep In The Sea

  102. Clothes I Found In The Bird Nest
    Tiny Pies

  103. I Don't Want To Do This
    Fathers Day

  104. Live at the Real Coachella 2006
    Heirloom Records

  105. Violently
    The Dietrichs

  106. How One Should React When Involved In A Low Speed Collision
    The Black Jacket

  107. Tunes From Terrace Towers
    Red Pony Clock

  108. Melodious Snorts*

  109. Sheep
    Aurora Borealis

  110. Fire Is Sabotage
    The Huxtables

  111. The Sounds of Acid
    DJ Sense

  112. The Happy Woodchoppers
    The Happy Woodchoppers


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